Guidelines for possible emergency situations

Guidelines for possible emergency situations

Written by Adamus St. Germain, channeled by Dóra Lendvai
Monday, 20 October 2008

In the last chapter I said that you are just witnessing the beating on an imaginary piano, – which will soon be loud of a monumental piece, threatening a lot of people by this – the beginning chord of a series of events shaking the whole world. Actually this process goes back a long time, so much longer than some of you are saying; you are finishing a many thousand-year-old cycle with an endgame, so to speak, and this, the already renewed humanity will remember for so long. Here’s an expressive example for you to see exactly what it is all about, and to make you calm, my friends with those scared eyes. I know that many of you are so sensitive to the feelings now awakening in people’s heart, but you should know that these are not yours. There is so much fear, chaos and uncertain presentiments, but you’re in a different situation – like all those who chose discernment, no matter what way he/she reached discernment – so, in fact, you are just detecting the disorder, the little confusion you feel, as a radar do, so to speak. But I still would like to give you – and by you to everybody who will wish to overcome this situation – concrete advices. So this is how I see this situation, from the very start up until the beginning of this current fall.

There once was a group, an earthly alignment of wonderful builders who had decided to build something that on the one hand serves as a protection to people, and on the other hand frames them in such a way that it sets them under a lap, and helps them define themselves. This was so long ago, my dears, before our era when a great empire had lost its unity and power, and people had the same turbid feelings like now you do. Then they started to build a vast, beautiful edifice. Its foundations were dug deep into the soil, for they had known that without this all buildings can get unstable. A huge edifice was formed with beautiful pillars under which people found protection and a kind of oneness. (I use symbols, because it is more obvious than defining the way for you to interpret this; here, actually, I draw a sheet music and everybody will play in his/her own way on his/her instrument.) So, this edifice was completed, and some descendant of the builders came and wanted to build one more level to this edifice in order to be more firm and stable. This happened from generation to generation, more levels were built, however, that ancient acquaintance, the miracle of architecture when the builder himself was the one who moved the material, slowly disappeared, and instead came a sort of monotone constructing, not so much by diligent plans as by building always the same level as the one below repeatedly. This provided people with an unbelievable opportunity, the miracle of diversity; and while getting happier and happier, they wanted to possess more and more rooms, so to speak, of this edifice. At this point the builders realized the huge power inherent in this building, for after some time it was like a charmed castle, it was so diverse and near to reality in its monumentality and diverseness thanks to the many levels raised that when once somebody entered it, it was hard to imagine for him/her that there is life and diversity outside of this. The builders, seeing this, thought: if they built this building so enormous that everybody can fit in, then they can control the things happening inside, for the people will take this system to be natural to them, and where they build elevators, stairways, dining-rooms, prayer room, there they can determine the life of the beings living inside.

And so it happened. Again, from generation to generation, the edifice was being built higher and higher. But these ”non-initiated” builders forgot one thing; that the original edifice had been one potential, one out of many, and the foundations were formed accordingly, without being able to hold such a huge building. And when many, many years ago this system showed its faults, and started to topple and move, the people – who were enjoying the fruits of this edifice seeming to be blessed – were asked to help hold the building. So therefore they created a huge wall that was opaque and impenetrable; in fact, people stepping out of it do not see it as a wall, for they can’t see the end of it, it is like the end of the world to them. And then slowly, very slowly some doors were opened up in the system closed until that point. (Those of you who are experts in politics or economics know exactly which era’s stream I talk about, this was already part of your modern times’ historic events.) So, people started to go in and out through these open doors freely. And the builders – who lived on the highest level and by this saw exactly what the ones living more below did not – did this in order to create a living protective system for this building, so they set up a living scaffolding. (Of you, and you, and you, my dears, you should know that even you were standing there for a long time to hold the walls in order for the building not to collapse.)

But this was not enough, because there was so much motion around, and it didn’t seem stable enough, and then something terrible happened, more precisely, something terrible and visible to the eyes of those living in the upper royal suite rooms: one point of the building’s foundation started to move out of its original position. All the building became unsymmetrical; the walls and the flooring were slanting, and the stairs were impassable. But they said to those who lived below that this was a wonderful innovation, a completely natural and directed process, and that it was great that by this in one part of the building it was possible to slide on the slanting floor, for this was a funny game more exciting than simply have a straight floor. But people didn’t really grasp the playfulness of it, many of them slid down on this slope hitting their butt, and they couldn’t climb up back to the sunnier, higher part of the given room or level. And if somebody slid down the slope, he could arrive to a lower level, but there the flooring was slanting as well, so he could get lower and lower even to the basement. There was neither light nor excitement or diversity, only the struggle for mere existence, for so many people got to this basement in a relatively short time.

At this point it happened for the second time what those living on the top level feared so much; due to the lot of movements the building again moved from its position and reeled in the foundations causing a lot of people to die. And this chaos was used by many groups who explained by ideologies to those still alive that this, in fact, was a necessary selection, and some alignments tried to rescue themselves by taking advantage of the fear, but it recoiled upon them; the falling bricks and the debris killed many of them too. When those who stayed in the house saw that actually all the house would be in danger if the people inside keep on going against each other along the different ideologies (for who has more or bigger room in this building), they decided to save this building by any means, and never ever let something like this happen again. Therefore they gave more power to those living at the top levels seeing the building from higher, and in exchange they made these miserable inhabitants believe that their power simply depends on them, and that they act according to the regulations of the residents’ collective agreement. But reality was different, for they knew exactly that this building’s foundations moved from its original position and that would go on soon which was only matter of time.

At this point they realized one thing; if people moved and went about less, they can hold this building more stably. In order to do this, people’s own free will was necessary, so they made the people believe that the fact that they can hold this building was so wondrous. Who holds a bigger part, and holds it more strongly, is very smart and astute, and this is the real goal of life, nothing else. Who holds the biggest part, for the longest time, is the ace! A whole system has been formed to feed this belief, but there was a little problem again, my dears, and by this we arrive to the present times. The problem was that those who held the biggest parts pressed that part so hard, for they thought, for some reason, that the biggest part they held, the hardest they needed to press it. And under one of these hands the wall broke down! The building moved critically from its position, and this unstable, overly-supported structure couldn’t handle this, and it – like one card of a card house moves – started a chain reaction.And because this building was weak at the foundations, this falling started at the bottom, even if it looks as if the walls of some upper rooms were falling, from my perspective I can see very well what is happening at the bottom, and I don’t have other words for this, my dears, but it is a total collapsing. And now many people are running out of the building in order to hold it more firmly, some people are trying to get higher by clinging to the door frame, for they think that this will save them, and some are running downwards taking that for safer. But no one thinks of and expect one thing – yet we see this as the most probable potential – that during this wobbling one huge part of the building is falling off.

Those standing under it start to run, releasing the walls in order for them not to be stuck under this huge piece of wall, and yes, some of them succeed in escaping. And the piece of wall falls off smashing the fence. This group then will realize: ”Gee! That was a fence! This is not the end of the world, just a fence, there are green fields behind it! And there are the same things, just like in the big house, but without walls!” Follow me! – cries out one of them, and they set off. And others, who hold the ever falling building, notice this motion, and some of them also set off in the direction of the light. And when this mass of people will reach a critical point, when the number of hands holding the building will be not enough, it will collapse with a huge noise killing those who stayed inside on the top or lower levels, and those who were not able to release the wall, because they thought they held the world and that there was nothing else beyond it. Until this happens, these sentinels, the descendants of the real builders will explain to them that everything is all right and that the ones who don’t give up now are the smartest, and those who have left are stupid, coward and deceived. But when this tower collapses, it will be similar to that other two wobblings preceding this one in the near past, and the descendants will call this the third one in their history books, referring to it, after the first two, as the culmination of a process.

In the present world weapons are not used so much in wars, but the drama inherent will be of the same weight like other kind of wars in other times. We are seeing now this process starting, my dears; there were a lot of allusions, in many ways, to this and the end of the world; and well, some time – not so long – will go by, and you will experience the end of that world that many people believe to be the World. We’ll talk about this, but I need to give you some guidelines to help you handle this crisis wisely, more precisely, the minor shock taking place as the opening of this crisis. At this moment, it’s like this: the plane has gotten into a turbulence, the captain feels he’ll need to make an emergency landing, he also thinks that crashing to earth can happen, and now the stewardesses are showing again to the passengers the emergency exits. I’ll do the same now, pay attention to me:

1. emergency exit: Examine how and where you support this system! Be careful, sometimes you can’t notice it, for you were made to believe that this forced-holding is a natural thing to you!

2. emergency exit: If you notice that you support the system, do not release it all at once! Panic spreads like wildfire, until the fence is in one piece, the terrified running people would trample upon each other.So you’d better know what you do, but do not move yet!

3. emergency exit: Be alert, pay attention to the news, to all little details, even though many of you haven’t been listening to it for a long time!

4. emergency exit: When you know already where and what part of this edifice you support, and you see through the whole process, search for bricks preferably at the bottom part of the building, which are the pieces of the original old building! If you cling too high then it can happen that when the piece of wall starts to fall you too will fall off. And then you cannot run! So this means that you should go back to the bases, but it doesn’t mean that you should take anything away from yourselves. It means that you shouldn’t support illusion but the true parts of the building: everything, that is now a theory, fiction and not a tangible reality, has become very unstable. You shouldn’t pay attention to anything that is offered as a possibility to you through propaganda, persuasion and commercials, and define your needs, your own true needs and don’t hesitate, satisfy those needs in the most direct way possible! Do you understand my warning, my dears? The more stairways and overlays there are, the farther and higher you get from earth. Ok, my dears? Pay close attention to this!

5. emergency exit: Be peaceful, cheerful and balanced, don’t wish to work on the processes, just simply live them consciously defining your own role in this. Be Who You Are, and don’t let any news or propaganda take you out of your way! What is going to happen will be – as I said before – like a birthing: bloody, painful, and long, but the fruit will be wondrous, you’ll see! You need to be strong and stay in your center, for I keep on emphasizing that in the chaos resulting from this process, you’ll be the ones who can help show the way to the other world through the collapsed fence. Then you need to give hope, joy, faith underneath the ruins, and you will only be able to do this if you don’t get involved in dramas. Rest, prepare, my dears, be conscious, now it is so important that you are always aware of the effect and points you are acting out of, and of the situation you are in; and the most important: do not forget, not even for one second, that I Am That I Am! This will be your armor, my dears!

Next time we will examine why everything is so chaotic now, from a perspective that will show you something interesting.


Questions and answers about the present situation in the world

Written by Adamus St. Germain, channeled by Dóra Lendvai
Thursday, 16 October 2008

You need not to be so well-informed regarding political events or economic processes to see that Earth is living its first wave of a global realignment. Actually this process started not recently, but long before its emerging to the surface, and only now it has become visible and obvious to you, all that we – I and many of my friends – had talked and mentioned formerly as events to come. Let’s see these events in the mirror of your questions showing a lot of worrying, and I show you from my perspective how I see this process.

Adamus! You had mentioned that the matrix will harshly collapse. Is the economic crisis we see now in the world already a sign of that?

My dear, you can have an answer easily if you think about the things we’ve talked about in the last 3-4 months. I told you that a process had started relating to all the system, as you would move the elements of the abacus stuck together from one side to the other; it doesn’t matter which part you hold the whole row will move with it. We talked in the beginning of our mutual work about the process of co-creating when it is possible that on your slide picture appears something out of the blue. We also talked about the individual and collective nature of this process you are living now, and about the illusion-layer that determines everything at your present consciousness level, which is money, and that supports and holds together this lie- and illusion-system called matrix by me, and it is the ground for all other illusions and belief-systems. Now we can use these conversations together in one thought having a living background, a moving, whirling setting which shows how your reality works, what are the processes relating to individual or collective consciousness and where does this process actually go on to. The newspaper are full of articles analyzing the economic crisis and actually there is a solid standpoint which says that this process was foreseeable, because there was a living and thriving system for a long time that had all the potentials of total collapsing inherent as a latent illness, in fact without containing any possibility for other chance.

And what do I say now? I completely agree with the experts, this process was clearly visible years ago, for one very important thing, and that is related again to my favorite topic, the illusion-layers. We called money the biggest illusion-layer for two reasons: it hasn’t really reflected the true value of the things for a long time and because it doesn’t really exist manifestedly, it is merely a fiction without real backing behind. Here’s an example. You buy a car, this car is a concrete, tangible and usable object satisfying your needs. Usually people buy a car –it can differ from country to country, but generally – using bank car loan. Which means that you pay to the bank a symbolic amount, in return the bank pays to the dealer for the car, and you pay off this debt in return for a long-term loan. Well, this money you pay to the bank is a fiction for two reasons. First of all the car is yours, however, until you pay off all the loan the bank lays claim to the ownership of the car, but you use it, it serves you. On the other hand, the bank does not so much meet in any form the payment you pay as in the form of numbers; because the amount you pay appears in their system without having any connection with the car you have, and it flows into the system circuit losing completely the connection with the thing it is supposed to value. It is as if you were taking something digested beforehand into your body which has nothing to do with the food you would really eat, for the two would have no connection to each other. This is not a real example, it is a little surreal, I just wanted to show that you are now – I mean you have been until now – part of a system in which you couldn’t get anything directly; behind all your financial maneuvers there was a fictive filter made up of the institutions of modern financial system.

So when you buy a product for a certain unit of money paying for it in cash then you support this system, for the non-institutional money circulation almost completely ended, you too draw your money out of a bank, and the system where you bought your product manages its income through another financial system. And because of this multiple overlay, money lost its value that would signify its ”meaning”, for it is merely a set of numbers in the account book of a family or a company. If you think this is not true, then consider this: if your money doesn’t have real backing assets behind which would objectively define its value then money as energy simply cannot feed anything, more precisely, it feeds an illusion that will necessarily crash down. When you say that the state budget has a certain value, when you talk about state debt, when you describe the movements of your stock market by numbers, then you state nothing else but a relation system without any tangible, real content. And, my dears, we did talk about that – in relation to the numbers – that if you cannot assign a real, definable content to a sequence of numbers, then it doesn’t really show you a segment of reality, it only shows how relative the notion of number is. The notion of number only makes sense if it expresses something, because without this it is mere theory by which you can express only relations, rates and processes, but actually this makes sense if you relate it to the world’s knowledge experienced by you which is already very detailed, however, extremely finite compared to the infinite. And when money gets to a point where there isn’t any concrete meaning behind ”1 euro”, or ”1 dollar”, for it makes sense only in a kind of relation system, then it will become a very vulnerable and weak system that will most likely collapse in course of time. Here is an example again: there is a forum on internet where people talk to each other. Everybody chooses a name for him/herself that will define who he/she is, but this is not the name he/she uses in real life, so this distinction makes sense only on this forum. If – let’s assume – later somebody would use the same name on this forum (because the system allows this); the first owner of this name should change it in order to distinguish him/herself from the other. Then later somebody entering the forum will use this second name, and the same happens again. The more he/she needs to change the name the more distant it gets energetically from the person it is supposed to represent, and later it’ll be definable only in compare to the other names, for its existence depends, so to speak, on whether somebody takes this name or not.

So when the content behind money is attached through overlays, which draw in a lot of new elements into this simple analogical system, then, as we see in the example, money will express nothing neither about the given thing’s objective value in connection to other things nor about its position of importance in the life of people. If you check what a branded watch, a tooth filling, one liter of fuel or one pallet of bricks cost, then you can see that not one of them is more important than the other, the only value-determining factor is the interest-group behind these products. This has nothing to do, my friends, with your everyday lives, this is a matrix which will be not supported any more by humanity at the present consciousness level, for spiritual maturity means that at last you, by yourselves would like to decide the real value of the things, and most of the people don’t want any more others to define it for them by patriarchal money market funds. So this matrix will collapse, money as an illusion will unfold its wounds, this parasite will show now how it has been working for so, so long defining all the factors relating to the life of most of the people living on Earth. Now in front of your very eyes this will collapse like a domino; one domino tile will soon fall to its face, so to speak, followed by the other tiles, and however hard the illusion-system feeders try to save the structure, this, you know that, will be almost impossible, if you have ever seen a huge domino-tower. Moreover, to build back this unstable system, that has now reeled upon its base, standing on the 34. level is impossible as well. This is possible only at the bases, but those who try to repair this falling system are not on the first level but on the top of this skyscraper that is falling from under.

So what will happen Adamus? What will be the course of this process and its effect on the world?

Oh, my dears, we do not make predictions like this, since we are neither fortunetellers nor the observers of a determined world, and it is an ethereal ethical rule that we do not make general predictions, we just show directions, tendencies and possible potentials. I only can tell you how I see this dynamics. Now, your most determining illusion-layer’s role has wavered, and this is money. You will see how this layer’s illusive nature will emerge, and how the interested powers will try to keep on feeding this illusion by all means. And later when more and more people will slap their forehead and say: Hallo!!! What is going on here? What do the notions that have this rising hysteria around express – then there will be a small group, in my opinion (I mentioned this before), that will gracefully walk out of this matrix. And this means that some of the subordinates of the king, who has lost its power, will not recognize the king’s power, they will simply ignore it. They will not battle against or be afraid of the last intense, threatening campaign undertaken by the king, and they won’t take to be true the belief that without kings there can’t be nation or life, they just very quietly won’t consider this power as part of their reality. Now there is one ethnic group which we see them going this direction as the first domino tile that falls, and when it falls no one will erect it, for realizing that a domino tower standing on the face is so much more stable compared to that which stands on the edge.

This doesn’t mean that this nation will not use money, no, but after the falling of it they will not build up again the fictive nature of money, because after many years of underground work this group have understood something, and this core will emerge to the surface in front of everybody’s eyes. And others will follow them, and a process will come into being when – like you, realizing that you have gained strength, and you are not that weak character any more mocked at by others – you can see the truth about yourself in the mirror and so you will be ready to throw away your small size clothes that doesn’t fit you any more. And you are not afraid that your wardrobe will be empty, for realizing that ”I have really gained strength” will make you feel happy and free and you’ll be happy with two pullovers and the only jeans you have. Then slowly you’ll set up to this muscled body a genuine clothing that expresses you truly, instead of being deceived by the fiction that you have a wardrobe full of clothes. This process is starting now, my dears, and it’ll last for a while until a crucial majority will see their true figure in that distorted mirror held out to them until this point, and they will define themselves in the light of this. Don’t worry, my dears, what is falling now is the matrix, and if you are out of it, no harm will befall you. I do not want to lead you onto any denial or riot, but if within you there is no crisis, then this won’t affect you: draw yourself in into your ”sacred home”, and watch from the window what you had come to look at, and prepare yourselves for the task, because after the wrecking you’ll be the ones who take the desperate survivors trembling under the wreckage out to the light. This will be our mission, prepare for that, my dears!

Adamus! For some days people were talking about strange things regarding the appearance of spaceships or extraterrestrial beings. Then nothing happened. Is this just a silly gossip or are there any other powers backstage?

My dears, you need to know one thing! Now, indeed, there is a lot of busy ethereal activity around Earth, imagine this process as if a patient waiting for a severe brain surgery is being prepared for this life-saving operation. The surgery is full, and the patient is in a kind of daze on the operating table having doctors, anesthetists, scrub nurses bustling around. Everybody is talking, the patient feels like listening words, half sentences and voices from all corners of the room. He listens the electronic devices beeping, one group is still having an easy chat, others are preparing seriously for the surgery. From these noises he listens some things, but because he is in a daze, full of fears of feeling that a huge event is about to happen – knowing nothing about this event and its outcome – the words are mixed up in his brain, and it wasn’t really said that way what he thought to be a reasonable sentence. Poor patient thinks to have listened this: ”Today will unwind the brain of this bastard” – when actually one doctor only said that today he haven’t had lunch yet; there was a technician asked for help to unwind one instrument, and one resident slaps his forehead and says: “I need to catch my train” and finally one scrub nurse says: ”In the night I will prepare steak with mustard”.

And really, some kind of ethereal and earthly alignment process is happening, when above the differently-sized thorns symbolizing human consciousness, a similarly-sized ethereal ”system of holes” appears, and which at the end of this huge shift will reach each other harmoniously becoming one system, but this is simply matter of energetics, it won’t be a concrete visible thing. There are no extraterrestrial beings the way you think of them, there are beings in other realms, however, they are not green or beeping and they do not use flying objects to approach Earth. I mentioned before that I too have body, it is different from your carbon-based body, but it is a body even if it is not functional regarding conditions for my present existence. I am here with you, very, very near to you for a long while, and for some months I had come so close that we can say that I am here among you in my own actuality. And I too can be an ”extraterrestrial being” in your eyes, can’t I? But in fact this notion is also fed by so many lies and illusion-layers, so it has nothing to do with the reality I see regarding this.

My dears, relax and think about birthing; how bloody and painful that process is, but how elevating and unforgettable the moment is, when finally after a long labor and suffering new life, that precious miracle, cries out.

Next time I’ll give you some concrete advices about living this present process, that shakes all the world, consciously and joyfully.


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